Vol 13, No 3: August 2019

Table of Contents

Assessment of students performances in biology: Implication for measurements and evaluation of learning  
Ado Abdu Bichi, Rahinatu Hassan Ibrahim, Fatima B Ibrahim  
Flipping the classroom with a LMS: Designing a technologybased learning model  
Zamzami Zainuddin, Hardika Dwi Hermawan, Febritesna Nuraini, Santo Mugi Prayitno, Taufik Probowasito  
Minimizing skills and training gaps through professional development course  
James A Ejiwale  
Development of Problem-based Blended Learning (PB2L) model to increase pre-service primary teacher’s creative thinking skill  
Wahyudi Wahyudi, Budi Waluya, Hardi Suyitno, Sutriyono Sutriyono, Indri Anugraheni  
PowerPoint-based quizzes in wave motion: Performance and experiences of students  
Frank Angelo Abayog Pacala  
Comparative analysis of students’ achievement in senior school certificate further mathematics examinations in kwara state, Nigeria (2007-2016): Implication for stakeholders in education  
Olarewaju Adijat Omoladun, Abdulrauf Tosho, Yusuf Suleiman, Muraina Kamilu Olanrewaju  
Cognitive load and its relationship with mental capacity in accordance with their levels at students of the secondary stage in terms of sweller theory  
Hussain Mohammad Aburayash  
The effect of virtual reality laboratory on conceptual understanding in electrolytes and non-electrolytes  
Afsari Amiati  
Utilization of whatsapp application as discussion media in blended learning  
Kawakibul Qamar, Selamet Riyadi, Tri Candra Wulandari  
Student motivation in choosing learning at UIN Raden Intan Lampung  
Nurhasanah Leni  
Identifiy student’s attitude towards the subject of natural science  
Astalini Astalini, Dwi Agus Kurniawan, Darmaji Darmaji, Aqina Deswana Putri, Retno Nawangsih  
The effect of problem based learning model on critical thinking skills in the context of chemical reaction rate  
Daud - Dakabesi, Isana Supiah Yosephine Luoise  
Arrangment of responsibility character module using expert validation  
Budi Astuti, Arina Mufrihah  
The promises of presentational technology for teaching and learning  
Vahid Motamedi  
The importance of interprofessionalism in training and professional exercise  
Adilene Gonçalves Quaresma  
Enhancing primary students’ understanding of social studies through the Jigsaw approach  
Rosmawijah Jawawi, Zarinah Mahari, Yusimah Amjah, Shamsinar Husain, Nur-Ashikin Petra, Lilly Suzana Shamsu  
Evaluation of universal design for constructivist-based statistics learning module for students’ increased motivation  
Rufii Rufii, Dyah Rochmawati  
New approach to solve some problems in undergraduate education of chemical engineering students  
Anees A Khadom  
Teaching English in Elqubba primary schools: Issues and directions  
Muftah Hamed, Tahar Fadhil