Development of primary school fourth-grade students’ fraction calculation strategies through the argumentation method

Adem Doğan, Havva Kevser Yıldırım Sır


One of the most fundamental subjects of primary school mathematics, the concept of fraction plays a key role in students' educational background. Students experience difficulties and misconceptions regarding this concept. Therefore, it is of great importance to understand this subject well and to use different teaching methods and techniques. Various methods can be used in learning mathematics, such as invention method, computer-assisted teaching, problem solving, creative drama and discussion. Argumentation method is a scientific discussion of a claim on a subject by providing data, warrant and backing, and by revealing the rebuttal and the invalidity of the claim. Students gain more skills by interacting with teachers or collaborating with their peers, and that they possess skills that have not been obtained before or that are too difficult to achieve on their own. Therefore, the argumentation method was chosen for its effect on the development of primary school students’ fraction calculation strategies. Having a case study design, this study was conducted with 28 primary school fourth-grade students and 10 open-ended questions prepared by the researchers were used during interviews. The results suggested that primary school students were able to develop fraction calculation strategies through the argumentation method. In general, inventing strategies, using representations, number sense, addition and subtraction, using unit fractions and proportional reasoning were used as fraction calculation strategies. It recommended to use the argumentation method in other critical subjects of mathematics as well.


Argumentation method; Fraction calculation strategies; Fractions; Mathematics teaching; Primary school

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